1. Unboxing

    Unpack your ECIGARED Electronic Cigarette Starter Pack.
    Inside the starter kit you will find:
    2x Electronic Cigarette Batteries
    1x Rechargeable Holder Case
    1x Wall Charger
    1x USB Charger
    5x Cartridgemizers High Tobacco 16mg Nicotine (Cartridges with built-in atomizer)
    1x Instruction Manual

  2. Setup

    Step 1:
    Please charge the ECIGARED Battery and Rechargeable Holder Case for before use.

    Step 2:
    Charging the ECIGARED Rechargeable Holder Case:

    Plug the USB cord into the wall charger, then plug the Rechargeable Holder Case into the main electricity.

    A red light will appear when the Rechargeable Holder Case is charging.
    As soon as it is fully charged, the light will become green or it will turn off.

    Step 3:
    Screw the ECIGARED Battery into the Rechargeable Holder Case.
    A red light will appear when the battery is charging.
    As soon as it is charged, the light will become green or it will turn off.

  3. Initial Use

    Step 1:
    Remove the seals from the Cartridgemizer (cartridge with a built-in atomizer).

    Step 2:
    Screw the Cartridgemizer onto the Battery by rotating clockwise until tight.

    step 3:
    Puff on the ECIGARED through the inhaler at the end of the cartridgemizer. Upon inhalation, the battery circuit is activated and the indicator at the front of the battery will light up RED immediately.

    When inhalation has ceased, the atomization will stop automatically.

    During this cycle, the ECIGARED extracts and atomizes the liquid solution from the cartridgemizer.

    Atomized vapor - which is similar appearance to traditional cigarette smoke - is released in the process. A vapor cloud will appear for several seconds before disappearing.

    Each ECIGARED Electronic Cigarette cartridgemizer provides up to 300 puffs (or equal to aprox one pack of traditional cigarettes).

  4. Battery Charge

    Step 1:
    When the available charge from your battery has almost been exhausted, an indicator light on the front of the ECIGARED battery will flash 5 consecutive times.

    Step 1:
    Remove the battery from your cartridgemizer and follow step 3 from the setup instructions.

  5. Replacing the Cartridgemizer

    When the level of vapor being released from your ECIGARED Electronic Cigarette has decreased, it is time to replace the old cartridgemizer. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the ???Initial Use??? section of the installation instructions. Dispose of the old cartridgemizer appropriately.

Electronic Cigarette is intended for use by adult smokers and not intended for pregnant women or those who are sensitive to nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and may be dangerous to your health. Electronic Cigarette is not intended as a smoking cessation device.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.

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